Krishna Panicker


Krishna Panicker

VP of Product, Pipedrive

Krishna is the VP of Product at Pipedrive, an app that helps organizations grow their sales. He has a passion for building consumer-grade experiences and a curiosity for what drives demand. Formerly he worked at Microsoft, Skype and Blink. At the beginning of his professional career, Krishna took up the role of a Lead Product Manager at Skype. After 4 years of promoting the company’s efforts to improve real-time video and voice communications, he became responsible for Skype & Skype for Business at Microsoft. Today, Krishna is a Vice President of Product at Pipedrive, leading sales Customer Relationship Management platform from the salesperson’s point of view. His main areas of expertise include user-centered design, agile project management, and mobile applications. Moreover, he is also highly competent in user interface and software engineering. Krishna graduated from City University London with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering. On top of his academic and professional endeavors, he is also an avid volunteer; for the past two years, he has been an Organiser for a Product Strategy meetup. His expertise and extensive experience in Product makes him an incredibly powerful and inspiring world-class speaker. So far, Krishna's speaking engagements have inspired countless managers and entrepreneurs to improve their performance.

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