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Krishna Sunkammurali


Krishna Sunkammurali

Sr Director of Product Management, SAP

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In addition to being an Advisor at, Krishna Sunkammurali is a former Senior Director of Product Management at SAP Software Solutions in California. He was in charge of conception, strategy, and execution, for certain SAP Cloud Platform projects and of leading the execution of mobile apps through the SAP Cloud Platform for iOS.

Krishna is dynamic, creative, motivated and high energy, bringing 20 successful years of experience in the field of Product Management and software design.

After completing his Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the National Institute of Technology in Karnakata, India, he continued his education with Computer Engineering at the University of Kansas and an MBA in Leadership and Management at the University of Washington.

Krishna started off his career in Kansas, as Senior Software Engineer with the Cerner Corporation, where he is remembered highly by colleagues and superiors. Afterwards, he moved to Washington to begin a successful eleven year run at Microsoft, where he worked as Lead Program Manager during pivotal years of the company's growth. Immediately after, he transferred to Amazon where he led planning and execution of Kindle Editions with Audio/Video for iOS platforms, a critical success as evidenced by the press, and planning, execution, and delivery of the first Kindle app for Windows Phone 7.

Krishna is regarded highly by all of his co-workers as a collaborative team player with a hands-on approach to work, as well as a creative and motivating leader. His personal background has allowed him to work seamlessly with global and multi-national teams, creating links between US and foreign companies. In 2013, in his role as VP Product for AlephCloud Systems, he grew a 3 person team of engineers to a 28 person one in just eleven months by ramping up a Development Center in Bangalore.

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