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Kristi Nelson

Vice President of Innovation, JPMorgan Chase & Co

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Kristi is passionate about crafting the interaction between technology, design, and marketing. Currently, she is a Vice President of Innovation at JPMorgan Chase & Co, specialising in problem solving.

Kristi first broke into Product as a Technology Analyst at Polaris, the world's leading compliance software and consulting firm that provides quality and end-to-end compliance solutions for life sciences companies. Shortly after, she progressively attained the role of a Product Manager across various companies, such as Relationship Science, Hedgeable, Local Bushel and Hippo in sectors ranging from financial services, food & beverage along with information technology & services. For each organization she leads, Kristi has helped achieve transformative success thanks to her great communication skills, understanding of business goals and exceptional attention to detail. In addition to this, Kristi has a proven aptitude for working with cross-functional teams; always eager to help, she motivates and pushes each member to move forward.

Kristi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and Web Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She also enjoys delivering speeches to audiences, sharing her extensive experience in Product as well as the path to her lucrative career as a Product Manager.

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