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Kristine Yuen

Design Manager, LinkedIn

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Kristine is a seasoned Design Manager at LinkedIn, leading a team of designers to create the best customer experience for the Pages and Elevate product. During her lucrative career, she was able to work across the domains of retail, consumer and industrial products, healthcare, financial, and high-tech. She began her professional career as a Diversity Student Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame, where her main responsibility was coordinating admissions recruitment projects targeting low-income diversity prospective students. Prior to her current position, Kristine was a consultant at Deloitte Digital for 5+ years working with 12 different Fortune 500 companies. She takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of design, business, and technology, giving her a perfect blend of skills for her career path. Her main areas of expertise include User Experience and Interaction Design, however, she is also a great leader, achieving transformative success for each organization she leads. She earned a Master’s of Design in Interaction Design from California College of Arts and prior to that, she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Management from the University of Notre Dame. Outside of her daily work, Kristine enjoys mentoring and coaching aspiring UX designers and students. An avid presenter, Kristine enjoys speaking about design-related topics such as networking, interviewing, job hunting, portfolios, and making strong LinkedIn profiles.

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