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Kurt Schrader

CEO and Co-Founder, Shortcut

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Kurt Schrader, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Shortcut, is a driving force in the world of product management and software development. With a relentless passion for creating outstanding products that resonate with users, Kurt has been at the helm of Shortcut since its inception in 2014. His mission is to empower Engineering and Product teams to collaborate seamlessly, plan efficiently, and deliver exceptional software, transforming the way they work together.

Under Kurt's leadership, Shortcut, formerly known as Clubhouse, has evolved into an all-in-one solution for modern Product and Engineering teams, streamlining their processes and enhancing their ability to scale efficiently. Prior to his role at Shortcut, Kurt served as the CTO at Intent Media Inc., where he played a pivotal role in growing the engineering team from a single person to over 40 all while driving product development to support multiple lines of business. Kurt's reputation for combining technical expertise with marketing acumen, coupled with his fearless pursuit of innovation, makes him a standout figure in the tech industry. His impact extends beyond his current role, as evidenced by his widely-read blog and his ability to inspire excellence in those around him.

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