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Lambros Charissis

Principal Product Manager at Wise

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Lambros Charissis, currently a Principal Product Manager at Wise, is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in product management and technical leadership. He is leading a team of product managers in the Platform Engineering division, building the foundations for Wise's rapid innovation and making sure Wise is always reliable for its millions of customers. Lambros' impact is not confined to Wise; he has also brought his expertise to the educational realm, serving as an Instructor and Featured Speaker for Product School, where he imparts valuable insights to aspiring product managers.

During his time at Mercedes-Benz, Lambros showcased exceptional skills as a Senior Technical Product Manager, driving the digital transformation of the Connected Car product suite. His commitment to customer advocacy, continuous learning, and effective communication has been instrumental in the success of large scale projects, including the zero-to-one bootstrapping of Car Sharing and B2B Fleet Management products that lead to internal startups at Mercedes-Benz. Lambros's thoughtful, data-driven, and customer-centric approach has proven to be a driving force in the adoption of digital products, making him a highly recommended leader for organizations seeking a humble, self-driven, and result-oriented product management professional.

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