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Lee Howard

Former Product Leader, Google

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Lee Howard is a Product Leader who has launched a wide range of high-impact digital products. In her last role at Google, she worked on the Advanced Technology and Projects team working across platform and product to keep their app Jacquard innovative and user friendly. Before that, she spent time as a Product Venture Lead at Shell working on their vehicle health service VehicleIQ. The product was aimed at empowering drivers to make smarter decisions by offering predictive insights about their vehicles.

Lee attended the University of California, Berkeley for her Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction. Her mentors, Professor James Landay and Grad Student Instructor Scott Klemmer, inspired her to go after a career in Product Design and UX after her studies.

Lee has inspired many of her colleagues to look at the user experience in a fresh and new way. She helped them question their old methods to be sure they were shipping truly user-friendly products and features. She brings a deep understanding of products, users, and future trends that helps her team build products that will continue to create impact long into the future.

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