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Luca Cozzolino


Luca Cozzolino

Senior Product Manager, Zalando

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Luca is a visionary spirit with bold goals for his team and future. He knows what needs to be prioritized to bring value for the end consumer. His colleagues continuously rave about his passion and urge to always be improving. He is someone who indirectly teaches his team how to make critical decisions and create products and features that have a serious impact.

Currently, Luca is working as a Senior Product Manager at Zalando. He is working on accelerating their platform strategy with connected retail. In addition to this Luca is an Advisor at Michele Bazar, a family business that he co-founded. Back in 2018, when the company began he was the CEO of this e-commerce adventure. He drove the mission and strategy and helped the company grow from nothing to over 500K in annual revenue.

Prior to these roles, Luca spent three years as a Product Manager at TravelPerk. He was the founding MVP of the company. Before accepting this full-time role, he spent time as a Product Manager Intern, where he launched and build the first self-service initiative in the company from scratch.

Luca did his Bachelor's degree at the Università degli Studi di Salerno (University of Salerno - UniSA) in Salerno, Italy. Through the Erasmus program, he finished his degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the oldest and largest Technical University in Spain. A year after graduating, he decided to continue his education by getting a Master of Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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