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Lynda McDonald

VP of Product, Mastercard

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Leading global initiatives to cultivate and empower product managers across Mastercard's organization, Lynda McDonald holds the role of VP of the Product & Services Academy. Boasting over a decade of expertise in product management, innovation, and learning design, Lynda brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her passion lies in crafting impactful solutions that seamlessly meet the needs of users, customers, and stakeholders alike. A seasoned professional with an MSc in Strategy and multiple certifications in finance, leading at a distance, and digital product management, Lynda is on a mission to instill a culture of innovation and excellence.

Lynda's core competencies span needs analysis, cross-functional problem solving, research, strategy, new business development, innovation capabilities, design thinking, facilitation, coaching, and team building. As the Vice President of the Product & Services Academy, she prioritizes developing world-class product managers globally, emphasizing experiences that are relevant, applicable, and outcome-focused. In her previous role as the Director of Innovation Management, Lynda accelerated new product development through ideation workshops, design sprints, and upskilling experiences. Colleagues commend her for her meticulous attention to detail, tenacity, and creative approach, making her a valuable asset and a pleasure to work with.

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