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Mala Rajendran


Mala Rajendran

Product Leader. Formerly at Adobe & Walmart Labs.

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Mala Rajendran has been a San Francisco-based Product Leader for over a decade. She has a decorated career with some of the Bay Area’s largest eCommerce companies including Adobe, Walmart, and Kohl’s. 

Mala believes that a great Product Manager does not just invent a product- she curates an experience. This experience is what sets a great product apart from a commodity. Mala’s favorite question is: “How do I become a Product Manager?” After 10+ years in the field, she has seen and lived through the entire life cycle of many products. It’s this first-hand experience and the network she has developed that gives her the ability to answer this question deeply and thoroughly.  

Mala is passionate about passing on her learnings to the next generation of Product Managers. She works hard to mentor and help her students land their first product role.

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