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Manosai Eerabathini


Manosai Eerabathini

Staff Product Manager, Figma

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Manosai Eerabathini is a Staff Product Manager at Figma. He joined the company as the first product lead for Discovery. Before this he worked for four years as a Product Leader at Google, working on Google Maps and he was also a Senior Product Manager at Vevo. Manosai started out his career as a Software Engineer, working for companies such as NetApp, StoreSimple, SlidePay, and Octopart. His contributions have helped reduce code complexity and lines of code by 50% resulting in better manageability and performance, eliminating an entire tier of logic, and transforming an entire layer of code from something object-specific into one that is generic.

Manosai first gained experience as a Program and Product Manager while working at Microsoft. He's a very detail-oriented, pragmatic, and thoughtful Product Manager and demonstrates confidence in his decision-making, as well as, his direction to others. He has no hesitation in pushing positions and opinions in well-thought-out arguments and shows professional maturity in being steady and focused on fact-finding and win-wins.

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