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Marcelo Bissuh


Marcelo Bissuh

Founder & Head of Product, Ingresse

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Marcelo Bissuh is passionate about creating disruptive products. When he was 16 years old he created a software solution called ÁudioTeste that helps blind people to do exams using only keyboards and an artificial assistant.

In his second year at college, he started a company called Ingresse, the first tech-oriented ticketing platform in Brazil. The company was invited to be part of 500startups, in Silicon Valley, and was a business case at Stanford and Harvard.

As Head of Product at Ingresse, Marcelo changed the way ticketing was made in Brazil by removing the print option and creating products and features that were adopted by its competitors and market at all such as Backstage, the mobile app for event producers that turned out to be the market brand for this kind of app, and digital ticket transfers, that was possible since ticketing culture was changed to Ingresse users and all tickets were digital in the app.

Because of his development background, due to his Computer Science studies, he was always capable of finding the cost-benefit in product pipeline prioritization and feature building.

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