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Mariam Sulakian

Senior Product Manager, GitHub

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Mariam Sulakian, a Senior Product Manager at GitHub, is passionate about developing tools that protect developers and their code worldwide. She has an extensive career in the tech industry, having previously worked as a software engineer at Facebook, where she was recognized as one of the top-performing engineering interns by Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Mariam holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Political Science, and History from Duke University, where she was part of the Duke Technology Scholars Program and served as a Computer Science Teacher's Assistant. Her diverse background in different fields of study allows her to approach problem-solving uniquely and innovatively. Mariam is also actively involved in supporting underrepresented groups in tech and was a member of several societies, including the Association for Business-Oriented Women.

Mariam's skills in product management and software development allow her to shape how the world builds secure software. Her passion for helping others, coupled with her expertise in product and engineering, enables her to develop seamless user experiences. Mariam's leadership at GitHub fuels her team to create tools that protect developers and their code while supporting a diverse and inclusive tech community.

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