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Mark Kukiz

Product Leader, Peloton

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If you were to ask Mark what the key to driving digital product strategy while also empowering his team to innovate and bring forward the next big idea was. The answer would be easy, empathy, this is in his opinion the key to extraordinary leadership. He has learned this through many product releases and the obstacles and problems that have come alongside them. He will continue to solve and see these problems through as long as there is one around him, whether it be satisfying a user's needs, simplifying a process, or mentoring someone on his team.

He is currently using his experience to work on Product for Peloton Interactive. Before that he was working at Capital One, focusing on his passion, cutting-edge technology. During his eight years at the company, he held roles in Engineering for financial services, as a Digital Product Manager, and Product Lead. Before his time with Capital One, he worked on Communications and Linguistics for Military Intelligence with the US Army.

Mark has earned the respect of some colleagues rather quickly. His unmatched knowledge, eye for detail, dedication, paired with his integrity make him an asset who can motivate the entire team that he works with.

Mark earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois. He later went on to the University of Texas at Dallas where he double majored in Business Administration and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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