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Matt Gray

Former VP of Product, Match

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Matt Gray is the former VP of Product at Match Group, where he led vision, strategy, and execution for the namesake brand Match. Before Match, Matt drove the vision and strategy for experimentation and feature flagging covering practically every single release across the Family of Apps at Facebook touching 2.8b+ users, 30k+ experimenters, and 100k+ experiments per year; led a complete rewrite of the Zipcar core business from scratch; and grew several startups from pre-series-A to series-B and beyond.

Matt is a bridge builder between engineering and customer-facing teams, a rare combination that he leverages to manage and develop high-performing teams. His areas of expertise include SaaS product management, product and platform strategy, UX research and design, and data science. He has also demonstrated domain/industry knowledge in IoT, mobile, big data, education and EdTech, eCommerce, consumer, financial services, games, and more.

Matt has a BA in Quantitative Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He has been recognized for his flexibility, process improvement, and technical resourcefulness, and is known for going the extra mile to deliver custom solutions that address business needs. Through his profound knowledge of the subject matter, unwavering determination, and ability to develop bespoke solutions for complex problems, Matt has proven himself to be an inspirational leader that anyone would be lucky to work aside and learn from.

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