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Matthew O'Shea, a Senior Product Manager at, boasts an impressive career shaping digital experiences. In his current role, Matthew leads two dynamic teams focusing on enhancing the Android and iOS App funnels, ensuring an exceptional user experience. He also brings extensive expertise in Geo content solutions, where he has been instrumental in leading the development of maps and location experiences for users across mobile web and desktop platforms. With a career of over four years at, Matthew's commitment to innovation and user-centric product development shines through.

Prior to his current role, Matthew worked as a Product Manager at Hostelworld Group, where he excelled in roles spanning Android App full funnel experience, Property Services, and Search and Mapping, demonstrating his versatility and prowess in product management. Throughout his career, Matthew has been known for his mature and focused approach, not only as a product leader but also as a dedicated teacher, emphasizing the value of sports for personal development and team collaboration.

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