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Maya Kaczorowski

Former Product Leader, Google

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Maya Kaczorowski is a seasoned Product Leader with an impressive background in software security and encryption. Currently working at Tailscale, a company focused on providing secure networking solutions, Maya brings extensive expertise gained from her previous roles at GitHub and Google. At GitHub, she served as the Senior Director of Product Management for Software Supply Chain Security, where she led the strategy and execution of open-source dependency vulnerability management and package security. During her time at Google, Maya worked as a Product Leader, driving container security initiatives in Google Cloud. Her responsibilities encompassed developing innovative container security capabilities, managing GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) hardening efforts, and producing thought leadership whitepapers on topics such as BeyondProd and Binary Authorization for Borg. Maya's profound knowledge and expertise also led to the successful launch of Google Cloud KMS (Key Management Service) and the development of Customer-Managed Encryption Key (CMEK) integrations for various Google Cloud services.

Maya's educational background is equally impressive. She holds a Master's degree in mathematics with a focus on cryptography and game theory from McGill University. She was actively involved in various mathematics societies and took on significant responsibilities as the President and Vice President of the Students' Undergraduate Mathematics Society. Maya continued her academic journey at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she pursued a Master of Science degree in Applicable Mathematics. Her dissertation on "Secret Sharing: Combining Cryptography and Rationality" demonstrated her ability to merge theoretical concepts with practical applications.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Maya has diverse interests. She is passionate about ice cream, enjoys solving puzzles, is an avid runner, and finds inspiration in reading nonfiction. Maya's multifaceted background, technical expertise, and strategic product leadership make her an exceptional professional in the field of product management. Her experiences and accomplishments are sure to captivate both individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge in the product management industry and those with a keen interest in software security and encryption.

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