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Michael Houck


Michael Houck

Former Product Manager, Airbnb

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Michael’s early career has been defined by helping people participate in the global economy in new ways. As a result, he doesn’t shy away from the challenges that come along with building businesses in the real world. As an operator, Michael’s been an engineer, a data scientist, and most recently a Product Manager. He’s been fortunate enough to contribute to the growth of two of the most exciting marketplace businesses of the last 10+ years — Uber and Airbnb. As an advisor and investor Michael looks for fast-moving, knowledgable, and passionate teams that have uncovered a contrarian insight in an attractive market. He likes to get involved early and help however he can, whether it's simply making introductions or something more substantial. Currently, Michael is a Fellow at On Deck, The On Deck Fellowship is an 8-week program where we bring together 200 individuals who are in the early days of starting their next company and provide them with world-class programming to catalyze their entrepreneurial journey. Prior to his current role, he was a Mentor at First Round Capital, where he was an advisor to early-stage, First Round-backed companies and lead for recurring small-group sessions focusing on the intersection of data and product. 

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