Michal Bloch Ron


Michal Bloch Ron

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Michal has been a critical part of the Microsoft product team for over six years. She started off as a Product Manager at Microsoft Accelerator where she worked diligently to improve the decision-making process for seven teams. Her move to target startups brought about a 75% increase in Azure adoption. She then moved onto a Product Manager position before being promoted to Senior Product Manager Lead for Cortana. Her most recent position is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Teams. She also has an entrepreneur side as a Co-Founder of Hands On, an online marketplace for design students. She also worked as a Business Analyst at Giza Venture Capital and was a part of the Israeli Air Force. Michal's positive energy is contagious and is just one of the many positive attributes she brings to her teams. She is a problem solver that has an answer for pretty much every problem that is thrown her way.

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