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Miguel Senquiz

Senior Product Manager, SoundCloud

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Miguel is a Product Manager, great mentor, problem solver, and has a great capacity for complex ideas. Currently, he’s a Senior Product Manager of Growth at Soundcloud. Prior to his current role, Miguel worked at Kickstarter in various positions, as a Product Manager of Seach & Discovery, Senior Product Manager of Backer Experience, and lastly a Senior Product Manager of Project Communities driving product vision, strategy, and execution for Kickstarter’s Project Communities Team (fka Backer Experience) experience and their API Squad. Before working at Kickstarter,  he was Founding Engineer and Product Lead for Drip, a subscription platform empowering music artists and record labels to connect directly with their fans. Miguel gained management experience working at Ghostly International as a Technology Lead, where he spent 1 year on the internal operations team, transitioned the company to open-book accounting, implemented regular review cycle, interfaced and project managed various initiatives with external partners including the Eyebeam, Warby Parker, Soundcloud, General Assembly, and O2 Creative Labs, as he led product on the Ghostly International iPhone app. Additionally, Miguel spent 1 year as Head of eCommerce for The Ghostly Store, migrated to Shopify, redesigned site, identified and set up manufacturing and fulfillment partnerships, and hired the TGS team to take over.

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