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Minni Shahi

AI Product Leader at Google

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Minni Shahi brings over two decades of expertise in product management and engineering, backed by impactful roles at tech giants like Google and Apple. Currently serving as the Director of Product for Gen AI Experiences at Google, Minni leads a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mobile assistant experiences through Generative AI technology. Transitioning to Apple, Minni initially held the role of Product Leader, managing a diverse team focused on commerce, payments, and subscription products across Apple Media Services.

In her subsequent role as Head of Product at Apple, Minni spearheaded the development of pivotal search features and services for flagship Apple products like Siri, Safari, and Spotlight. Her strategic vision contributed to the successful launch and scaling of a subscription and payments platform, reaching over 600 million subscriptions globally. Minni's leadership has consistently fostered product innovation, shaping industry standards and enhancing user experiences worldwide.

Minni's track record highlights her adeptness in navigating complex landscapes, building strong stakeholder relationships, and delivering tangible results. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and product management positions her as a driving force in the industry, inspiring teams and shaping the future of innovation. Minni holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Masters in Computer Science.

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