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Mohit Jitani

Product Manager, Spotify

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Mohit Jitani is a Product Manager with experience in various company sectors such as Spotify, JioSaavn, and Accenture. Currently, at Spotify, Mohit is a Product Lead for the company launch in India. They won the award for the best Android app in 2019 by Google Play. He also led the strategy and execution of adding phone number as a signup method, driving massive top-line impact in emerging markets for Spotify. Driving the strategy for cold start content recommendations "activation" in new and emerging markets where the listening behaviors are different from the western markets. Additionally, he helped build "language understanding" in the core Spotify recommendation systems used in "Home Ranking, Radio, Daily Mix, Discover Weekly," which had massive impact on the quality of these products in non-English speaking markets.Prior to Spotify, Mohit worked at JioSaavn as Senior Product Manager then later as the Product Director; he worked closely with other members of the Product, Design, and Engineering teams to own the podcast experience in their products, and developed a better browsing experience across all content channels. Mohit helped define, organize, and continuously redefine the way users discover content, with a particular on emphasis on new content categories like podcasts and eventually video as well. Mohit began his career as a Product Manager/Data Analyst for Accenture, India's leading video streaming service. 

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