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Namisha Balagopal


Namisha Balagopal

Sr. Product Manager at Twitch

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Namisha is an experienced Product Manager who has gained experience through several interesting projects and has a background in Psychology and Marketing. She currently holds the position of a Senior Product Manager at Twitch and is a Board Member of HackMentalHealth. After working as Marketing and PR-Specialist for the Utah University, Namisha joined CR Bard. She then joined HP, where she first had a role as Mobility Product Manager and then as Notebooks Product Manager. She was able to participate in several impressive projects, in one of those, she spearheading project management activities to define the 2019 features of HP. She was also sponsored to participate in conferences for female leadership, which only 0.05% of women at HP were selected for. Namisha is highly skilled at leading cross-functional teams, as she thrives in ambiguity, problem-solving and is a very quick learner. Namisha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Marketing from the University of Utah. During her studies, she has developed a passion for mental health care and has committed serious efforts in increasing the development of the sector. Her believe that mental health is as important as physical health has led her to be a Board Member and Business Leader with HackMentalHealth. The company tries to make technologies, which enable mental health care more accessible.

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