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Neha Monga

Head of Product, Amazon

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Neha is a passionate and driven Product Leader, currently driving the company’s efforts at Amazon, with a keen focus on execution and delivery. She has been in Product for more than 12 years, serving both early-stage and successful ventures including Microsoft, Zynga, Expedia, and today Amazon. Neha began her professional career at Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst. Shortly after, she broke into Product at Microsoft, where for 5 years she has held Product managerial positions and successfully launched the first version of Office apps on mobile platforms. Later on, as an integral leader in the Expedia product team, Neha successfully led teams to build the next-generation marketplace experience. Today, as Head of Product Management for Alexa Mobile Experiences at Amazon, Neha leads cross-functional teams and builds pricing products to help third-party sellers be competitive in a global marketplace. Apart from excelling as a Product Leader, Neha has also been advising startups in travel and gaming space on product-market fit, and pricing strategy. An avid volunteer, for the past 7 years Neha has been bringing alums together by organizing various events such as sports and family-oriented events, technical seminars and guest lectures. She holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Business from Nanyang Technological University.

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