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Niaz Ahmed


Niaz Ahmed

Co-Founder at Area 120 at Google

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Niaz Ahmed co-founded Kormo, a jobs marketplace for emerging markets in Area 120 at Google. He is based in the San Francisco bay area. His primary focus at Kormo is to build business products for Kormo users. He frequently engages with users and tech leaders in emerging markets to ensure high-quality product decisions are made for the end-users.

Niaz started his career in software engineering at a start-up in Buffalo, NY. He then moved to Waterloo, Canada to work for BlackBerry as a software engineer on early BlackBerry smartphones. After finishing his MBA he joined Google and transitioned to Product after founding Kormo at Area 120 at Google. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys reading to his daughter and building Lego sets with her.

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