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Nimrod Fox

Product Lead, Platterz

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Nimrod Fox is a Software Product Leader, specializing in building and shaping marketplace products loved by consumers and suppliers alike. Nimrod started his career in the Israeli Air Force intelligence branch and currently leads the product team at Platterz, building one of the largest corporate culture platforms in North America.

Prior to Platterz, Nimrod was one of the first product managers to introduce a SaaS licensing model to HP, allowing users to manage their subscriptions, user database, support tickets, and discover additional products. He also led the development and execution for Juno’s Driver and Customer Support mobile & web product lifecycle including, ideation, strategic planning, and development of new products and features to strengthen Juno’s platform. Juno is the second-largest ride-sharing service in New York. He also introduced new tools to strengthen Juno’s Support Center including a compensation system for users, alerts, and automatic mass payment system for drivers, and fraud prevention/machine learning tools. 

Nimrod has been an instructor at Product School for two years, helping mentor and guide the next generation of product managers. Outside of work, Nimrod enjoyed spending time with his family and pets, playing piano, and reading.

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