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Nimrod Priell

CEO, Cord

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Nimrod Priell is the CEO at Cord and a leader in the product space who is driven by his passion for enhancing collaboration and streamlining work processes. With a focus on removing friction and optimizing team dynamics, he aims to revolutionize how we work and communicate. He constantly challenges traditional approaches, seeking innovative solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and foster seamless, rewarding experiences in our day-to-day work. Nimrod spearheads the company's mission to bring collaboration directly into the products teams use. With Cord, he is determined to reshape the landscape of work culture by creating software-backed solutions that address the subtle challenges and anxieties we encounter, resulting in a clearer, faster, and more rewarding work environment.

Prior to his role at Cord, Nimrod honed his expertise during his time at Facebook. As a Product Manager for Onavo and internal data products, he played a critical role in developing tools used by thousands of employees. Additionally, as a Research Scientist Manager, Nimrod led teams in Facebook's Core Data Science group, employing statistical methods and algorithms to uncover insights that shaped product strategies, optimized offerings, and assessed Facebook's social impact.

Nimrod's academic background further strengthens his ability to tackle complex challenges. He holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from New York University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Biology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. With his forward-thinking mindset, expertise in data science, and dedication to improving collaboration, he leads as a trailblazer in the product management industry. His relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and his commitment to creating better work environments make him an inspiring figure for those seeking to transform the way we collaborate and communicate.

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