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Nina Olding

Product Leader, Google

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Nina Olding, an accomplished Product Leader at Google, is a master of navigating complex challenges and providing innovative solutions supported by clear communication. Over her extensive career, spanning various industries, Nina has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of product management fundamentals and an exceptional ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders, including PMs, engineers, and customers.

Nina's exceptional organizational skills allow her to handle a diverse portfolio of projects and tasks with varying complexities and deadlines. She is known for her meticulous attention to detail and quick adaptability. Her "can-do" attitude, flexibility, and unwavering drive make her a standout asset in any team.

Moreover, Nina's professional demeanor, hard work ethic, and friendly disposition make her an excellent collaborator and a reliable problem solver. She excels under pressure, consistently delivering high-quality results while managing multiple competing priorities. Her exceptional eye for detail and dedication to achieving her goals showcase her as a valuable contributor to any endeavor.

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