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Nitzan Shaer

CEO & Co-Founder, WEVO

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Nitzan Shaer, the dynamic CEO and co-founder of WEVO, stands at the forefront of innovation in user research. Guided by a relentless curiosity about the factors influencing decision-making, he has co-founded four startups, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to launching WEVO, he led the Mobile Phones Product Group at Skype, engaging with a diverse global audience and recognizing the challenges of designing for varied cultures. This experience fueled his vision for a platform that could offer insights tailored to the unique needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

At WEVO, Nitzan's leadership has propelled the development of a groundbreaking UX research platform. This platform not only significantly reduces the time required for user research but also provides designers, marketers, and product owners with reliable, statistically significant insights in just 30 minutes. Nitzan envisions a future where every digital experience is grounded in these dependable user insights, ensuring superior experiences for all. His ethos of dreaming big, listening intently, and moving swiftly underscores his approach to entrepreneurship. Nitzan finds the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur in the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world.

In his notable career, Nitzan has garnered experience as the Head of Mobile Phones Product Group at Skype and Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, where he played a pivotal role in defining strategies and partnerships in the mobile phone and consumer electronics markets. Armed with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Nitzan's keen insights, integrity, and diligence have consistently set him apart. His ability to grasp complex concepts, as evidenced during his tenure at Skype, and his leadership at High Start Group underscore Nitzan's status as a true leader and star in the realm of product management and entrepreneurship.

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