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Pahel Makhija


Pahel Makhija

Senior Product Manager, Tesla

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Pahel Makhija is a Senior Product Manage at Tesla who loves to solve problems using data. He was promoted to his current role after a year as a PM with the company working with cross-departmental teams and KPIs to make decisions that increase customer satisfaction while delivering business impact.

Before joining Tesla, he was a PM at Chewy where he worked on marketing, product development, inventory planning, finance, and quality. He also previously co-founded the virtual experiences marketplace, Bonfire Live.

Pahel attended Indiana University, where he earned his Bachelor's in Finance and Technology Management. He went on to continue his studies at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, where he received his MS in Analytics.

Pahel's colleges rave about his incredible energy, positivity, and open-mindedness that creates a welcoming environment for sharing ideas and allowing everyone to grow and develop their skills. He is a natural crisis solver who has no issue coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems.

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