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Paola Reyes


Paola Reyes

Sr. Product Manager at Pleo. Ex-Zalando & N26

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Paola Reyes is a Senior Product Manager working in the FinTech industry. She recently joined the product team at Pleo, a B2B company providing a business spend solution. She previously worked at Zalando Payments as part of the Buy Now Pay Later and Risk teams. Before that, she worked as a growth PM at smava and N26, working on user acquisition and onboarding topics. 

Her approach to Product Management is strongly shaped by having begun her career as a Business Analyst. She finds data to be crucial for good decision-making. She also has a strong interest in behavioral economics and believes psychology is important for understanding users and building better user flows. What Paola loves most about working in product is solving real-world problems and collaborating with team members who have skill sets so different from her own, from designers to data scientists. She is based in Berlin, Germany. 

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