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Petra Wille

Product Leadership Coach

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Petra Wille is a Product Leadership Coach, freelance PM, and author who’s been helping product teams expand their skill sets and up their game for nearly a decade. Most recently, she has been focused on helping product leaders assemble outcome-oriented product teams. In January 2021, she published her book STRONG Product People: A Complete Guide to Developing Great Product Managers. Her book has been applauded as a top-notch guide for leaders of Product teams that offers up guidance and orientation for better people development for those in the world of Product management.

Those who have worked alongside Petra consider her a great motivator and an overall positive force within her team. She has a great eye for the grand scheme of things but never lets the crucial day-to-day details slip her mind. She brings great team leadership skills to the table, always know exactly how to motivate her team even when times get tough and resources are limited.

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