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Pius Binder

Product Leader, Canva

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Pius Binder is a Product Leader currently working on growth and product at Canva. His main focus in this role is optimizing the signup/login process so that users have a positive first experience when joining the website. He moved into his current position after one year as a Growth PM with the company. He is also the Co-founder of, a website creating personalized maps of people's favorite memories and milestones. Before this, he was a Product Growth Manager at George Labs. Pius has also spent time working at Facebook. Over his four years with them, he worked as an SMB Growth Manager for Product, a Product Analyst, and a Page Operations Specialist.

Pius is described by colleagues as a fast thinker who you can count on to always bring new insights and ideas to the table. He has a well-structured working style and is open to receiving and giving constructive feedback, making him extremely pleasant to work with. Even in high-pressure situations, he is still able to successfully collaborate with teams to get through tough times.

Pius earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration from Modul University Vienna. During his studies, he did exchanges at the Université d'Angers and the University of Surrey. He also holds a CEMS Master's in International Management which he earned from The London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Sydney. On top of that, he holds a Master's of Science from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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