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Prashanth Rajendran

Former Lead Product Manager, Twilio

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Prashanth Rajendran is a highly accomplished Product Leader with a diverse background in Product Management, Data Science, and Software Engineering. He has held key product positions at top companies such as Twilio and Samsung Research America, where he currently leads Product Management for the Big Data Lab. Prashanth is known for his expertise in Product Strategy, eCommerce, Customer and Operational Analytics, Pricing, and Statistical Analysis.

Prashanth's passion for start-ups, hiring, statistics, and programming drives him to deliver exceptional results for his teams. He has a proven track record of building and launching innovative products, including the successful launch of Twilio's Data Discovery Portal from alpha to beta. He is highly skilled in building solutions for B2B finance, revenue, and tax teams, and has extensive experience with data warehouses, Apache Airflow, Tableau, Looker, and more.

Aside from his impressive technical skills, Prashanth is also a highly empathetic leader who values human connections and relationships. He brings humanity back into the Product function and is known for his great listening skills, willingness to offer help and support, and ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams. His rare skillset, which includes the ability to drive product vision while diving deep into technical details, makes him the ideal product manager to lead the development of ambitious products.

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