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Puneet Goel


Puneet Goel

AI Startup Founder & Product Leader. Ex-Google

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Puneet Goel is a seasoned product leader with over 12 years of experience driving strategy and execution for consumer and enterprise products, catering to over 1 billion users worldwide. As the Founder & CEO of Recontracted, he spearheads the development of the next generation of contract management products, leveraging Machine Learning and Generative AI capabilities. Prior to this entrepreneurial venture, Puneet held influential roles at Google, where he excelled in securing executive buy-in, transforming cultures, and mitigating reputational risks.

During his tenure at Google as a Group Product Manager, Puneet played a pivotal role in safeguarding Google's unique culture while driving strategy and execution for multi-disciplinary teams of over 100 people. His accomplishments include transforming Google Chat into an enterprise-ready platform, mitigating reputational risks across internal communication platforms, and launching an innovative Gen AI HR technology product that significantly reduced support costs and increased user productivity.

As the Chief Product Officer at Truveris, Puneet was instrumental in developing robust product strategies, driving revenue growth, and enhancing profitability. His leadership was marked by exceptional team-building skills, strategic vision, and a hands-on approach to problem-solving, garnering praise from colleagues for his insightful management style and ability to deliver results even under resource constraints. With a diverse educational background spanning from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi to Stanford University and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Puneet brings a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic acumen, and leadership prowess to every endeavor he undertakes.

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