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Rachel Bailin


Rachel Bailin

Director of Product at Walt Disney. Fmr Director of Product at Fox

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Experienced in video platform, consumer, and B2B enterprise product management, Rachel has more than 8 years of experience driving products from concept to market for startups, digital marketing agencies, and brand name businesses. She is currently holding the position of Director of Product Management at The Walt Disney Company. Organized, persistent, growth-focused, and creative, Rachel enjoys building great products and communicating across teams in fast-paced settings. That’s why she moved onto Product Management, helping startups and big companies create timeless, strategic products and design. Prior to that, Rachel worked as a Director of Product Management at Fox Networks Group, where she  launched multiple products in including D2C, TVE, and enterprise platforms and drove optimization, opening up new growth channels. She was also responsible to define product goals, KPIs, and requirements in an agile environment by understanding and prioritizing end-user and business stakeholder needs. Rachel can actually develop a creative strategy and follow its implementation all the way down to the analytics and technical levels. For each organization she leads, Rachel has helped achieve transformative success by developing solutions to challenging problems, combining creative thinking with logical design ideas.

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