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Raghav Mohan

Product Manager, Google

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Raghav is a Product Manager with 5+ years of experience in delivery logistics (Instacart), email (Outlook + Word @Microsoft), and Cloud Big Data (Kafka @Azure). He’s passionate about finding simple, innovative software solutions to solve complex, real-life problems. Currently, Raghav is a Product Manager at Google, helping Youtube grow responsibly. Prior to his current role, he was a Senior Product Manager at Instacart, changing the way Instacart fulfills deliveries by creating models like On-Demand shopping to help us grow faster and become more efficient. Raghav first gained Software Engineering experience working at WomStreet, assisting in the development applications in Ruby on Rails and other related technologies for a Contest Development Platform. Soon after, he went on to work at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer, where he designed, implemented, and developed UX features in the new Outlook client while iterating on them via data-driven A/B testing, and implemented in a Model View Controller (MVC) like framework in complex Win32 codebases (including Word, and Exchange). Additionally, Raghav worked on the Resource Management team to research, implement and develop the next generation distributed technologies involving Cosmos, Hadoop and YARN on Azure Data Lake Analytics platform. As Product Manager of Azure HDInsight, he was responsible for the Product vision, execution, and growth strategy of the open-source streaming technology suite on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which includes Kafka, Spark Streaming, and Storm on Azure HDInsight. Raghav has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

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