Rahul Koul


Rahul Koul

Group Product Manager, Booking.com

Rahul loves to identify and solve real and meaningful consumer problems through product thinking. He has been building solid Product-led businesses for the last 10+ years- mostly on the consumer side. Currently, Rahul is a Group Product Manager at Booking.com leading a major NPD product for accommodation partners to radically improve their reservation management workflows. Prior to this, he was a Senior Product Manager of Mobile Apps at Flipkart, Rahul was responsible for launching the 1st version of a Seminal project in Flipkart: 'Category Specific Shopping Experiences', the first of its kind in the industry. Before that, Rahul was a Product Manager of Mobile Web and a Product and Marketing Manager at Handygo Technologies. Rahul has been building and leading globally diverse high-performance teams for 5+ years. He is a first-principles thinker with a strong sense of User behaviour and Product design as well as a  lifelong student of Human behaviour, especially Psychology and Anthropology.

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