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Ram Prayaga

CTO, Product & Technology, mPulse Mobile

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Ram is an experienced Technology Strategist and a user-focused Executor who provides strong technical vision and uses a pragmatic hands-on methodology to push new boundaries for the team and individual contributors. During his lucrative career, he gained experience in building start-ups, managing projects in large corporate IT shops, and consulting. 

After spending 3 years at the University of California San Diego as a Research Developer, Ram began his professional career as a VP of Development at LifeStar. He truly believes technology decisions should be made with the business and users in mind. Moreover, Ram is also a strong proponent of open source software solutions and enabling others to use technology as an open tool. His main areas of expertise include Technology and Project Management in Desktop Apps, Web 2.0 and Data warehousing.

Ram graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master of Science in Computer Science. His studies merged Machine Vision, Neuroscience, Compilers, and Linear Programming, giving him a perfect blend of theoretical skills and a breadth of perspectives that enabled him to have a more holistic view of technology leadership and decision-making. Ram is a tech-enthusiast who enjoys sharing his passion with a wider audience and inspiring others to improve their professional performance.

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