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Ramesh Raman


Ramesh Raman

Principal Product Manager, Intuit

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Ramesh Raman is currently a Principal Product Manager with the Futures team at Intuit. His team looks out for technology shifts and the impact such shifts have on customer expectations and how customers do their “jobs” in the future. In his role, he drives business & technology innovations to address such potentially disruptive changes. Some of his past work has manifested in the novel “zero to one” initiatives that have plugged existing customers deeper into the Intuit product ecosystem. Prior to this, Ramesh has held roles in product marketing for API products and self-serve SaaS platforms – closely driving product adoption through the proverbial “one to ten”  stages. Ramesh is further backed by ten years of engineering experience building streaming video in the pre-Netflix era. His 18-year ongoing journey through engineering, marketing and product puts him hands-on in delivering awesome for customers & running profitable businesses

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