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Product Lead, Amazon

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Reza Madad is a product leader well-versed in AI/ML and renowned for spearheading groundbreaking solutions in high-impact industries. With over 14 years of experience in research, consulting startups, and Fortune 500 companies, Reza's expertise lies in utilizing technologies to unlock the full potential of AI/ML and drive exponential growth for businesses. As the AI/ML Product Lead at Amazon, Reza is currently managing a disruptive product suite that leverages natural language processing, generative AI, large language models, text-to-speech, and computer vision to innovate within Prime Video and Amazon Studios.

During his tenure as the Principal Product Management Consultant at Frost & Sullivan, Reza showcased his prowess in delivering results. Notably, he partnered with a major retail client to implement AI-driven personalization strategies, leading to improved customer engagement and a 12% increase in online conversion rates. Additionally, Reza led the development of an AI-powered chatbot solution for a customer service client, streamlining support operations and reducing response time by 30%. His expertise also extended to consulting multiple startups and Fortune 500 clients, including Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Samsung, Intel, and Hitachi, providing valuable insights into product development and go-to-market strategy.

A distinguished scholar, Reza earned a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering from the renowned University of Melbourne, where he received the esteemed Class Honour Scholarship. He also holds an MBA in Finance from The University of Akron and an MS in Aerospace Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. Reza's comprehensive skill set, combined with his dedication to research and data-driven decision-making, make him an invaluable leader in the AI/ML domain.

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