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Ria Mirchandani


Ria Mirchandani

Senior Product Manager at WhatsApp. Formerly at Credit Karma & Microsoft.

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Ria Mirchandani is a Senior Product Manager at WhatsApp. Before that she was at Credit Karma, a San Francisco-based Fintech company that’s on a mission to make financial progress possible for all. There, she built data-driven products that made the process of climbing out of debt a little less daunting. Prior to that, she was one of the early Product Managers at Microsoft Teams, a Slack-like communication platform that grew from a handful of beta users to xx million monthly active users within months (where xx = more than Slack’s).

Before that, Ria was unemployed because she was an undergrad at Brown University. There, she took pride in the fact that no one could figure out her major because her coursework ranged from biology to literary arts, philosophy to industrial design (with a dollop of computer science somewhere in there). She’s always enjoyed being at the intersection of seemingly disparate disciplines, looking at the same problem but from different lenses, wearing multiple hats (only metaphorically; she’s very loyal to the black beret she’s worn for 15 years) and debugging humans rather than code, which makes Product Management her ideal career. When she’s not doing the 23434 things one does as a PM, she’s giving walking tours of San Francisco, doing sit-down comedy (stand-up gets exhausting!), and collecting passport stamps with the goal to catch them all (86 down).

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