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Rishabh Dave

Product Lead, Stripe

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Rishabh Dave is a seasoned product professional with a wealth of experience in growth, trust and safety, payments, and financial reporting/compliance. In his current position, Rishabh is driving strategic initiatives and overseeing the development of innovative products. His expertise in various domains, including growth, trust and safety, payments, and compliance, allows him to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional solutions to meet the needs of Stripe's customers.

Prior to joining Stripe, Rishabh was a Product Manager at Meta, where he served as the lead for Integrity Measurement and Insights. Rishabh and his team were responsible for quantifying overall bad content and evaluating the effectiveness of Meta's efforts across the Facebook and Instagram platforms. His contributions in measuring content prevalence and enhancing transparency were recognized through notable publications and transparency reports.

During his tenure at DoorDash, Rishabh excelled as a Product Manager and Product Lead for Payments and Financial Services. He played a pivotal role in shipping multiple new product experiences and features that significantly improved the experience of dashers, merchants, and consumers. At Uber, his career progression included roles as a Product Lead and Senior Product Manager. As a Product Lead in the Economics & Revenue team, he supported a global team of product managers in streamlining rider/driver spending across various markets. He also previously worked at Amazon, where he served as a System Analyst. In this role, he played a vital role in the go-to-market payments and systems strategy for new verticals and geographies. His efforts contributed to reducing the cost of payments and evaluating cost impacts while collaborating with different banks and vendors.

Throughout his career, Rishabh has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation, strong business acumen, and an ability to drive results. His cross-functional expertise, combined with his curiosity about politics, economics, and sci-fi, make him a well-rounded professional with a unique perspective. Rishabh's background and skills position him as a valuable resource for those seeking to learn more about product management, growth strategies, and navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

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