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Roshan Agrawal


Roshan Agrawal

Director Product Management, Informatica

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Roshan is a thoughtful and strategic Director Product Management who brings to his position over 13 years of experience both in Product and Engineering. He is successful in holding a purely business or a purely technical role, however, he truly excels when combining the two, using his technical background to drive critical business outcomes.

During his lucrative career, Roshan contributed across the domains of Cloud, SaaS/PaaS/iPaaS, Data Integration, Analytics, and Subscription Billing. Under his leadership, cross-functional teams solved several long-standing technical challenges with billing, usage, and revenue assurance, contributing a significant ROI to a difficult business problem. He has spent over 5 years at Microsoft, successfully holding Senior Software Development positions. At Microsoft, he has driven public cloud initiatives and was responsible for designing and implementing a single click deployment automation for the Cloud Services Delivery Platform. On top of being a great leader, his other areas of expertise include Integration, Cloud Computing, and Distributed Systems. 

He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with a Bachelor of Technology and earned a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Austin. Roshan is an inspiring leader who always keeps one eye on the vision and the other on his current goals.

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