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Roy Bendor Cohen

Founder, Q Behavioral Thinking

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Roy is a self-driven Behavioral Scientist who enjoys solving complex problems by asking the right questions. His curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit led him to found his own enterprise, Q Behavioral Thinking - Problem Solving for Businesses based on Psychological Science.
He founded Q to help organizations extract unique behavioral insights and translate them into concrete recommendations. They do so by integrating research methods and knowledge from Behavioral Sciences, frameworks and processes from Design Thinking, and tools and principles from Systematic Inventive Thinking. Although he is officially the CEO of Q, Roy considers himself more as a “Problem Questioner”. In addition to his own venture, he has been an Innovation Facilitator at SIT Innovation for 4 years, specializing in all SITs applications including Problem Solving, Business Model Development, and MarCom. His roots are deep in the educational world: he has lectured, led innovation workshops, served as an instructor and tutored school children with special needs.

Roy graduated from Tel Aviv University with Masters degrees in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies and Cognitive Psychology. His work has taken him across the world from Tel Aviv, Israel to Madrid, Spain, and Latin America. Outside of his day job routine, Roy admires flamenco and classical guitar. Additionally, he is an Improv Theater enthusiast who enjoys reading books and talking about philosophy.

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