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Ruben Lozano


Ruben Lozano

Product Manager, Google Cloud

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Ruben Lozano is a Product Manager with an engineering (Tec de Monterrey) and a business degree (MIT) who champions customer needs that are usually forgotten or easily dismissed by others. He's worked at companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Ruben is excited when he is able to move from strategic thinking to deep dives with experts on the psychology of the diverse users, the details of the cutting-edge technologies, and the multiple interpretation of the data insights.He best contributes when true collaboration and in-depth analysis is required to move from idea to reality; when there is honesty and transparency in the decision-making process from senior leadership; when data and compassion are used to drive decisions; and when Ruben is in the position of trust. He excels when he's given the freedom to explore and be creative.

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