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Ryan Glasgow

Founder & CEO, Sprig

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Ryan is a Product Manager and CEO. He started Sprig, formerly UserLeap, in 2019 to help businesses identify and measure the unmet needs of their customers. Their mission is to make the immeasurable, measurable (through surveying customers) – and to do it more quickly and easier than ever before. More practically, Sprig lets you run targeted, in-product micro surveys at any time with a snippet of code deployed just once. 

Prior to his current venture, Ryan was a Group Product Manager at Weebly, the first Product Manager helping scale the company from 40 to 400. Weebly was acquired by Square for $365M. He first gained Product Design experience at Extrabux and was a founding team member, the company was acquired by eBates in 2014. After nearly 2 years, Ryan went to become Co-founder and Designer of Shopparel, named one of the 10 most promising startups in Silicon Valley by the Guidewire Group, and awarded Best Consumer Product at the 2010 UCSD Business Plan competition. 

He first gained Product Management experience as a founding team member at GraphScience, acquired by Centro in 2013. Soon after, Ryan went on to work as a Product Manager at Vurb, raised $14M, and was acquired by Snapchat in 2016 for $115M. He is very innovative, communicative, and well organized and is constantly pushing the boundaries for innovation when leading the product definition of his products. Ryan is naturally gifted and his mind sits at the crossroad of Innovation, Business, and Technology. 

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