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Ryan Maynard

CEO, ChatDynamo

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Ryan Maynard is CEO of ChatDynamo - an innovative digital marketing agency working with some of the largest brands in the world.  Agency services include Google SEO management, Facebook advertising, chatbot/messaging solutions, and lead generation strategies. Prior to founding ChatDynamo, Ryan was Director of Ad Solutions at Kik where he led all new ad product development and worked closely with strategic brand and agency partners on monetizing Kik’s chatbot ecosystem.  Ryan has spent over 15 years in ad tech and is an expert in programmatic media buying/selling, native ad serving, chatbot distribution/monetization, data management, and yield operations. Some of Ryan's business responsibilities include ad management, sales consultant services, account management and profit management. His main focus is to create unique ads for company advertisement. The advertisements created by Ryan are able to present a message to a larger audience in the tech space. Also, Ryan has been involved in some of the most successful apps, including Kik. Kik is an online chat platform for texting and direct message services. Kik allows users to connect with one another if both users have exchanged usernames. When both users exchange usernames, they can chat instantly. Ryan has developed the services with his team of educated individuals that helped him to develop the proprietary software. Kik software is proprietary to the tech business. Ryan's advertisements have been used for major tech companies and business ventures such as Facebook and Google. These types of networks have unlimited contacts that can spread the message through their channels. The advertisement market is competitive, and companies are constantly seeking new and improved ideas. These types of advertisement agencies hire individuals that are passionate about producing the most creative advertisements possible. Ryan has been accredited as a result of his unique ability to create content in a timely manner. Creating content such as Google Ads can be a timely process is not split up between categories. Ryan uses organizational skills in order to produce the content he needs in order to fulfill the expectations of the client and initial content creator.

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