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Sachin Rekhi


Sachin Rekhi

CEO, Notejoy

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Sachin is the Founder and CEO of the collaborative notes app Notejoy. He also has experience working as Head of Product for LinkedIn. He first started managing their relationships team which was based on the startup he founded, Connected HQ, alongside two other acquisitions. He was also behind the incorporation of LinkedIn to OS X Maverick, which let users manage their connections and access their notifications through their desktop. He also founded Anywhere.FM and became the Senior Product Manager when the company was purchased and relaunched by imeem. His product career began at Microsoft where he was Product Manager for their Visual Studio Team System. He worked on intense customer research, led marketing, and created sales tools that led to customers choosing their product over competitors. He doubled majored at the University of Pennsylvania in Engineering, Computer Science and Economics, Finance. During his studies, he interned at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and Paetec Communications.

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