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Sammy Ghorbanian


Sammy Ghorbanian

Product Manager, Uber

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Sammy is a Product Manager at Uber Advanced Group, having launched several products within ATG, spanning Autonomy, Remote Assistance, and Fleet Management. She’s an Advocate of customer-centric and solution-based Product Management style, and cross-functional dual-track agile product development (build, measure, learn, repeat.) Sammy is a design sprint devotee and Co-lead of Women at ATG, a member of Women in Product group, and Volunteering Lead. Prior to her current role as an Operations Specialist, she helped deliver the first-ever autonomous freight delivery in 2016, collected and analyzed data to inform iterative product development, and navigated the Department of Motor Vehicles regulatory requirements to ensure continual compliance when operating self-driving technology on public roads in California. At Google, Sammy worked as an Autonomous Vehicle Specialist, where she delivered the first driverless ride on public roads in 2015. Additionally, she was responsible for training and managing a team of over 60 Remote Operators, focused on reducing disengagements and filling the critical gaps in driverless operations across cities, and iterated rapidly on feature development with senior engineering leaders. Sammy is one of the most personable Product Managers and has demonstrated unparalleled resourcefulness by serving as an industry expert administering DMV / AV compliance and policies.


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